It is not easy for someone to compose something meaningful in life that can motivate people to change behavior. Being present at a theater show gives you the chance to add more ideas to you, and so you will be psychologically moved by the ideas of others. It seemed so especially the last time that Auretta Sterrantino staged a show, which really seemed like a piece of real life. Because in that play someone can correct error or mistakes in his/her life, for example when a lady make up without a mirror there must be error in her make up.

In my own opinion I can say that Cain was not really a killer, because it was a mystery of the two brothers Cain and Abel, in order to complete creation because both of them was born of sin, that is why in life there is positive and negative, in other words life and death. So this power of theater can be called “mirror of life”.

I really appreciate Auretta Sterrantino for work well done because it’s not easy at all. As for me, I think music is one of the major fact that attract someone’s attention in every performance.